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26� Latitude VenturesOur Investors are private investors who finance early stage businesses. These people usually have extensive industry knowledge and experience. Because of their understanding, they invest their own money either individually, as a group, or on behalf of a company. Investment decisions, therefore, are based on trust and the quality of their founders and their pitch.26� Latitude Investor�s are focused on more than just financial returns. These people are often excited by making a positive change in the world; being on the forefront of innovation; and consequently mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. 26� Latitude Ventures can provide invaluable Angel, Seed, Series A funding, and mentoring to cement your business within your target market and against competitors.APPROACH26� Latitude apply a multi-faceted engineered due diligence approach that is both tech-enabled and transparent, benefiting both startups and investors. It isn�t complicated, but it is detailed and very few make the cut.But for those that do, we do everything in our power (with help from our network) to support their success and scale quicker.Our ecosystem is designed to provide whatever our portfolio companies need. And our transparent funding platform means our limited partners get direct access to syndicated rounds led by Ventures.




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