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ACCESS Blockchain Association (Malaysia)

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About Us

ACCESS Blockchain Association is home of individuals, startups, businesses and organisations utilising and exploring blockchain technology in Malaysia. We are platform-agnostic and welcome financial and non-financial use-cases of blockchain technology.
We are proud to be affiliated with ACCESS Singapore. Together we aim to expand the application of blockchain technology in the ASEAN region.


Our Objectives

  1. Promote the use of Blockchain technology in Malaysia both in public and private sectors.
  2. Foster cooperation with the international ‘Access’ group of non-profits throughout Asean region
  3. Conducting talks and giving lectures at educational institutions to bring awareness to the public about Blockchain technology and its use cases in mainstream economy and projects.
  4. Approach various organisations/universities for collaboration in regard to Blockchain application development

5. Form a community group of Blockchain focussed industries and    individuals in order to enhance benefits of networking.

6. Consult government agencies and corporations in regard to safe and responsible use of Blockchain decentralised technologies.

7. Setting up a centre of excellence for Blockchain technology in Malaysia as part of the global ACCESS initiative.

8. Creating a strong and responsible community in Malaysia for Blockchain related application development through Blockchain development lab work and forming a Blockchain education hub.

9. Collaborate with government, private and educational institutions on the use of the decentralised ledger technology.



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