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Aclarus Ozone Water Systems

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About Us

Aclarus Ozone Water systems offer 3-in-1 treatment for even the worst water issues. Canadian Built. Mother Nature Approved. Aclarus systems use the all-natural speed and power of ozone to make water clean and safe, Guaranteed. Aclarus is a Canadian built company located in Peterborough Ontario, owned and operated by cousins Mike Doran and Adam Doran. This team is backed with over 20 years of combined ozone treatment experience. Aclarus manufactures NSF-61 certified ozone systems for water and wastewater from 4gpm-4000+gpm, sold through dealer, engineering firms and direct channels for multiple uses. After several years of research and work with ozone for water, waste and soil treatment, Aclarus are now has dealers across Canada and have begun export to Australia, the US and elsewhere. Aclarus ozone systems offer 3-in-1 treatment in one system: disinfection (bacteria, virus, cysts, Log-2 Crypto), oxidation (iron/metals, chemicals, sulphur), and aesthetic (tannin/color, taste, smell) in a compact, practical and affordable design. Our on-going government project with McGill University showed the system�s unique ability to remove Emerging Contaminants of Concern from drinking and waste water including medicines, THM�s, pesticides, hormones, drugs and many chemicals. Canadian built, the core of the technology is based on exclusive proprietary ozone production and mixing systems that overcomes previous ozone design limitations. Automated, on-demand, long life, low maintenance and operational costs (1000litres treated for <5cents) with a modular design to meet any flow rate or application, Aclarus systems offer practical and permanent solutions. We pride ourselves on solving bad and/or multiple water issues and offer one of the only methods of providing bottled quality water on-flow, directly from contaminated sources. Aclarus belongs to the International Ozone Association, AWWA, OPCEA, WaterTap and other groups.




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