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We are professionals building for professionals. We have been creating custom software since 2008 offering the full cycle of development services. At Adoriasoft, we have never settled for less than excellent, and this concerns both the quality of our work and the expertise of our team.Today, we are focused on blockchain as the technology changing the world. Blockchain and crypto technologies are going to disrupt almosts any industry on the market, and we are going to be among the forerunners. What do we do? We deliver solutions for our customers to satisfy their business needs and solve their issues. These solutions are: * Public distributed applications* Enterprise systems * ICO and pre-ICO preparation* Wallets (web and mobile)* What we do:You need to use a public blockchain like bitcoin or ethereum in your project? To fork an existing blockchain and create your own? Implement smart contracts for your business logic?We perform everything related to blockchain itself: public or private blockchain development, smart contracts on Solidity for Ethereum, Go for Hyperledger, C++ for EOS, preparation for ICO and pre ICO, all the �distributed� part of the code and data storage* How we do it:We listen to the customer and actively discuss the idea and goals, make recommendations. We check technical feasibility of the idea. Currently because of hype around blockchain it�s considered as a cure-all solution for everything by many businesses. We can help you understand all this and to know if you need it at all.* Why we are the right choice:Besides development of your solution, our team is able to perform high-quality security review of your project and consulting on how to achieve your goals and avoid typical mistakes when the job is started by the wrong man.And we have a cryptology PhD in the team for the most scientific and rigorous questions.* Additionally to Blockchain we also perform Web, Mobile and Desktop applications as user interface of DApps.




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