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The world is changing rapidly at an unfathomable pace. New innovations in all sectors are being invented and discovered daily. It is a fact that people fear what they don’t understand, this is a key reason why Blockchain and Crypto aren’t where it should be in terms of mass adoption as yet. People need to really understand it. For this to occur, they need to want to understand and with the current generation and age we live in, if we don’t make it fun to learn, nobody does. Afridex�s main goal is just that, attract the masses in all types of demographics through ways they’ll get excited to come and learn. We call it Edutainment.We need to repair the world’s largest problem. That is education on topics that are so important yet not taught in schools. Take a simple thing like the difference between money and currency. A differentiation even most economists don�t know these days. The current financial system is only lasting because of lack of education.Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency is being abused and destroyed when these phenomena could be the answer to a united world. Many believe that true wealth is freedom and time. Decentralisation gives freedom. Crypto is a way of fulfilling our forefather’s visions and beliefs. They used gold and wrote in national constitutions it should be the only form of money. Why? because its supply is limited. That is what Bitcoin is and should be known to the world.If we don’t act, the rich will get richer and the poor, poorer. The triumph of all evil is when good men do nothing.




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