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The AgaveCoin token (AGVC) a ERC20 token created to participate and support the multimillionaire bussines of Agave Industry. AgaveCoin SAPI; it�s a Mexican industrial company that aims to become a worldwide reference producer of Agave and Agave based Products. More than being just a Agave provider; AgaveCoin will revolutionize the Agave market by introducing his own Agave crypto currency. AgaveCoin� token (AGVC) presents a solution for trade; payment; and transaction for agricultural products and services used in all the production chain of agave Industy.WHAT IS AGAVE? Agave is a succulent genus within the monocot family Agavaceae. The plants have a large rosette of thick fleshy leaves; each ending generally in a sharp point; and are native to arid and semi-arid regions from the southern USA to northern South America. The most important commercial species is Agave tequilana grown for production of tequila. Although other Agave species has great potential to be developed as a bioenergy crop; bioplastic; cosmetics and medical products.AGAVE MARKET Although the possibilities for Biotechnological innovation products offered by the Agave are significant; the supply of this plant is still far from sufficient due to the fast-increasing demand of Spirits . In 2017; more than 75% of the Agave was used for Tequila and Mezcal and only the sub-products results of distillation are Material used for prototype preparation by research institutes; universities; and private enterprises. Every day; new companies start investigating how they could use Agave compunds to innovate new products. *SAGARPA Research says the Agave market will grow to 2;012;000 Million of Tons in 2030; from its 956;000 million tons in 2017. Other experts are even more enthusiastic and forecast the value of the global Agave market at $ 2.7 Billions USD by 2030 (Global Agave Market; Forecas to 2030)




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