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Aircoins App. Find. Collect. Trade. Cryptocurrency in Augmented Reality.

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About Us

Aircoins is the world�s first �Crypto Treasure Hunt In Augmented Reality!� game in a first-of-its-kind App release. The App�s pre-launch popularity and functionality has generally been compared to Pokemon GO! The purpose of the App is to combine fun, Cryptocurrencies, and the in-App convenience of low-cost Crypto exchange. Inside the game, Crypto-coins are free to collect for gamers who download the App. Just as in a traditional (offline) treasure hunt, many types of coins and assets can be located and collected. Found coins are placed into a private wallet that can then be accessed inside the App. Currencies or Digital Assets collected in the game can then be exchanged. The games are ongoing and set to be experienced by gamers both indoors and outdoors. Coins are to be programmed by the Aircoins Launch Team to be dropped by the millions, in anywhere from shopping malls and casinos, to local businesses and event venues. With the Aircoins App, gamers are interacting with decentralized digital assets on a private Blockchain. The Aircoins Corp is not conducting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and the project is fully-funded internally by the company founders. The company has signed upwards of 15 top Crypto vendors, with many more currently involved in the on-boarding process. As with fiat currency and other Cryptos, the more investors and advertisers who purchase Aircoins Crypto, the value of the coins will gradually increase. The price per Aircoin started at $0.002, but because of pre-launch demand the value was unanimously adjusted to $0.004. Or, by comparison, advertisers can select to purchase a bulk of AltCoins that can be connected to the Aircoins Blockchain Platform, in a commercial on-boarding process that takes a few weeks to fully prepare for and complete. One strategy for individual and corporate investors of Aircoins is they can acquire Aircoins in the form of a paper wallet that is shipped directly to the purchaser.




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