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Airports Kinesis Canada

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About Us

AKC GROUP a dynamic and innovative group very active since 2012 over the world by being the first in the world to propose turn key solution for airports and infrastructure projectsAirports Kinesis Consulting Worldwide was founded in 2011 with a vision to design efficient and sustainable next-generation airports and aeronautical infrastructures. Over the past four years, we have built a strong reputation for our range of expertise and offer of comprehensive services, including airport design and management, operations evaluation aircraft consulting and planning, traffic impact studies, and airline development planning for existing operators around the world.We have rapidly expanded our services from our headquarters in Montreal to 16 countries around the world. Southeast Asia and Asia has been a priority market for our business.We recently opened a new office in Peru and Guatemala, and are particularly focused on all business related to airports including (Financing, Airport Design, Operation and Construction,Technical, Law and Legal, Green Energy, Carbon Trading, Renewable Energy).AKC GROUP, is created from a merger from more than 4 specialized companies in 2014, we are one of the most dynamic and largest turn key management company in the African, Asia and South America.AKC GROUP offers a full spectrum of services including in priority turn key solutions for Airports and special Infrastructures projects, we provide for the client a complete package including the Design, the feasibility, the financing and investment, the construction, including Civil & Building construction, roadworks and earthworks, we operate the project and transfer the asset when the investment is recovered.The value of AKC Group is not limited to only airports and infrastructure buildings, we are also present on very specific project like NUCLEAR FACILITIES and GEOPLUTONIC Energy solutions.




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