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Executive Summary & InsightsAirstayz� is a travel technology platform with several vertical integrations to solve a range of disconnects in the Hospitality & Travel ecosystem – starting with searching a place to stay, keyless entry, accessing a priven and reliable transportation system, meeting a guest�s dining expectations, whilst plugging into local activities, both popular and cultural to enhance a guest�s travel experience. All of this accessed through Airstayz� patented platform and our recently added capstone pillar STAY – our proprietary payment method for our global digital currency, developed using advanced and secured block chain as a utility token.The Crypto Currency and ICO landscape is growing at exponential rates beyond niche startups with risky dreams. Earlier on, Airstayz� saw the opportunity and positioned its growing platform by pioneering blockchain across the travel sector with the release of STAY launched on June 15th, 2018. The platform will allow you to search your hotel, check in & out, access your room/unlock your door via mobile and �skip the desk�� allowing guests to have a greater choice, save precious time, all the while enhancing their travel/guest experiences – underpinning �personalization� – the Holy Grail in servicing a range and mix of hotels� guests. Airstayz� is brought to market by business and industry leaders, including the creator of Opentable�. This becomes the comprehensive solution that incentivizes travelers, hotel owners and local businesses to connect on a single seamless fully functional and integrated platform. STAY is poised to become the new global currency of the existing and growing $ 7 Trillion travel industry. STAY will further allow travelers to automatically be rewarded with a digital currency that has actual industry demand for all sorts of utility to goods and services across the travel ecosystem.




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