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AlgoZ – Liquidity and Brokerage Solutions

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About Us

AlgoZ is a part of the Fingenom group � a company which stands for cracking the code of investments and creating the world�s best trading algorithms. Now we are on a mission to bring our track record expertise to the world of digital assets and advance crypto markets with cutting-edge trading solutions. A mission to bridge the gap between the established algorithmic trading world and the �still developing� crypto economy, making it more progressive, reliable and accessible.AlgoZ works with leading players in the crypto landscape and provides them with advanced liquidity solutions powered by Fingenom�s state of the art trading technologies. Our solutions are based on two propriety factors. The first is our propriety technology: fully automated and based on predictive abilities with proven track record. The second is our propriety team of developers and professional traders, with great expertise and deep understanding of both traditional and crypto markets. By combining the two we are working at the intersection of technology, trading and crypto, and providing our partners with 24/7 top of the line liquidity solutions.We are in the crypto business since 2016 and since have become a leading brand with miles of experience providing a one-stop-shop for all of our clients liquidity needs. Our services and solutions include: Market Making Service, a Self �Serve Liquidity Platform, Over The Counter and Brokerage services, project consulting and more. We are continually looking for bright minds to join our team.




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