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Altcoin Science, LLC provides educational information on Cryptocurrency investments to help keep our clients safe and secure. We also work with miners and resale mining equipment. Many people don�t understand how cryptocurrency is traded or how it is valued. People interested in buying and/or mining digital currencies lack in-depth knowledge of the growing list of currencies, how to get started, and how to protect themselves. Altcoin Science simply connects the dots between technology and finance.At Altcoin Science we help individuals understand the online process of acquiring virtual currency and digitally storing it�explaining potentially confusing topics such as the blockchain, exchanges, encryption protocol, attaining and storing digital wallets, and configuring mining equipment, for example. We explain the risks, teach individuals the process of cryptocurrency investing, and share best practice methods for storing digital currency in a secure manner. We also help hobbyists that want to mine cryptocurrencies by explaining the process and equipment needed to build custom mining rigs.Altcoin Science also offers invitation-only subscriptions into our private membership club of likeminded individuals to proliferate the sharing of information. Club members meet periodically to discuss current issues involving the cryptocurrency market, to resolve questions, and to network with other business professionals.Altcoin Science, LLC does not consult nor advise individuals on what type of cryptocurrency to purchase or when to purchase or sell it. We only provide clients and members with the knowledge needed to institute a transaction. We make no claim that we are financial consultants, investment brokers or any other type of money services business or exchange. We make it clear to clients and club members that any type of investment entails risk and even more so in the volatile cryptocurrency market.




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