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About Us

Anti-Hero Capital was founded in 2017 and is one of Australia�s first venture funds exclusively dedicated to blockchain technology and crypto asset investments. As a leader in the cryptocurrency industry, Anti-Hero Capital has followed the gradual development of the eco-system since being involved in the community since early 2013, prior to the mainstream popularisation of the asset class. This enthusiasm for the industry has prospered into the founding of Anti-Hero Capital, a preeminent investment fund focused on fostering the development of emergent blockchain companies and providing unprecedented exposure to cryptocurrency investments. At Anti-Hero Capital, we believe decentralisation will disrupt inefficient legacy systems and the longstanding mindsets on which they have been built. Historically, there has been a power asymmetry in human civilisation whereby authority has been centralised at the top. This hierarchical structure orients control to individuals who show the most prominent qualities of influence. Political affluence, social status and compelling rhetoric. These individuals become decision makers and are bestowed with the responsibility of allocating scarce resources such as information, governance and capital. However, tellingly, the qualities that give rise to their power do not proportionately reflect their own contribution of value to the system. Despite the inequity, these centralised authorities are the Heroes of modern systems. By supporting the innovation of blockchain technologies and the evolution of cryptocurrencies, Anti-Hero Capital takes an antithetical stance and seeks to invest in companies decentralising this locus of power and reorganising a fractured status quo. These represent the protocols of the future because they operate meritoriously and are governed by collectives rather than by individuals. By facilitating this transition, there will be a demonstrative shift of influence away from centralised institutions and towards the Anti-Hero.




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