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NOTE: As of March 2017 our number one focus is Blockchain technology. We still engage in “old school” tech but Blockchain will disrupt every sector.Asgard Technologies is a Technology Solutions Company that provides Full Cycle Web and App Consulting Services to entrepreneurs, mid size and large corporations both private and public. Asgard tech has the experience and expertise to help entrepreneurs when it comes to concept design, incorporation, development, testing, marketing and finally the App Store submission process. Asgard technologies helps companies come up with and implement solutions for problems that they seek to solve.Asgard Technologies also offers Blockchain Advisory Services. Every industry that deals with data or transactions has the potential to be disrupted by blockchain. Asgard Tech has the knowledge and expertise to teach executives and their organizations about blockchain, help them come up with and apply solutions to their businesses, and navigate through the complexity and risks.Asgard Technologies also invests in early stage technology companies. To say that building a successful company is hard would be a huge understatement. Most of the time it is the founders of the company that make all the difference. Ideas are not worth very much, it is all about execution. It is for this reason that the founding team is by far the most important consideration when deciding whether to invest or not. At Asgard technologies we want to partner with people who show certain qualities that we feel make all the difference.




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