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AtomixSwap is a project and vision brought together by 6 experienced crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. The team represents a wide background of expertise and life experience. Encompassing 3 home countries we have one goal to bring back the currency in cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market as a whole has drifted away from the founding vision of Bitcoin as projects become more specialized. This has left a void in the market that needs to be filled. There is little to no available market place to buy or sell real tangible goods, services, properties, etc. with cryptocurrency. We at team AtomixSwap look to fill this void. The future of our project will allow peer to peer sales using any fiat or cryptocurrency; instantly converting, through the technology of Atomic Swap, into the desired currencies of the buyer and seller. All of this will be done under the secure umbrella of our service. We will target a variety of economies and countries across the globe in need of safe and secure marketplaces for goods and services. The future will also see expansion into other sectors and economies as the cryptocurrency market as a whole, evolves. Security and transparency will be of utmost importance. The buyer will be protected by secure escrow until satisfactory product is received, the seller protected by receiving the funds as desired once fulfillment of the agreed terms is complete. No longer do cryptocurrency transactions need to be done without security in the shadows. AtomixSwap will bring cryptocurrency exchange and marketplace to the mainstream. The future of cryptocurrency starts now with AtomixSwap.




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