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Atrix – FIRST BUYBACK GUARANTEE TOKENAfter monitoring the current situation on the market and the deep analysis of existing cryptocurrencies and their products, we came to the conclusion that the crypto world, due to the unregulated market in which it is located, represents for high risk investors.ATRIX is the first crypto currency which offer BUYBACK to its investors at the rate of 80% of the pre-defined ICO price. Buyback will be valid for 5 years. So what that means? Our ICO price will be pre-defined. For EXAMPLE : if u invest 10.000$ in Atrix you will get 8.000$ whenever u will want in next 5 years. That means that in the worst case scenario u can lose just 2.000$ in next 5 years. AMAZING :)All coins that will be buybacked will be destroyed. It is crucial to create deflation and supply the price at a positive level. The capacity of the coins will be limited. We will enter the market with just 20M coins. We believe that the capacity of the available coins is one of the parameters that affects the growth of the coin. The next chapter that we wanted to solve is currency trading. We think there is currently no SAFE and simple platform that would allow people to invest in different currencies ).FUND ATRIX is a product that will be controlled by professional analysts and traders, as well as connoisseurs of trends in the crypto field. It will make it possible for all FUND investors not to worry about the choice of potential currencies and stopping the falls that will occur in the corrections. The goal is a healthy and constant monthly return.Entry to FUND ATRIX will only be possible with the ATRIX currency to be converted into the ATRIX FUND. FUND will also guarantee maximum 20% loss ( all investors in fund cant loose more then 20% ). Payments from the Fund will be possible in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum.




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