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AuGora is an economic layer surrounding a new crypto currency and fueled by the demand for human attention, wisdom and data. We refer to an array of human con- tributions to the information economy as �work,� and empower �workers� to own their data and be compensated for their work in a secure and transparent environ- ment. AuGora connects a network of workers with employers for the benefit of both and provides a platform for building applications leveraging human collaboration and data. While exploiting a large untapped economic value for individuals and corporations, we aim to address troubling societal trends that arise in the age of automatization and big data. In this respect, the vision of AuGora is holistic and bold.Our design is human and community centric: a peer-to-peer network of workers will manage work requests. From the comfort of their mobile devices, users will take part in a healthy digital economy, with expected monetary appreciation based on built-in demand for the new currency rather than on the unstable fluctuations of speculative trading. On the side of corporations, AuGora will facilitate innova- tion by reducing the entry cost of new players into the information economy, which is largely controlled by data monopolies. Employers will get general-purpose and straightforward access to the work and data of individuals and the wisdom of online communities.Our architecture relies upon scientific advances in a large variety of areas: social computing, game theory and macroeconomy, distributed computing, security, pri- vacy, fairness, augmented reality and more. Dealing with the multifaceted com- plexities of data management is indeed a major contribution of AuGora. In this manuscript we will focus on the high-level design principles of our architecture.




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