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About Us

Aussie Digital is a tech company that has created a digital currency and ecosystem that will level the playing field for small business and manufacturing.Our mission is to build and complete an e-commerce platform (Ecosystem) that will include a functional e-commerce store builder, a B2B platform, Trading Platform and multiple other services including those powered by blockchain technology. The use of our community token coin will greatly reduce fees (charged by banks for every transaction) and allow people to trade easily without having to follow the traditional bureaucratic process. With the competitive edge of blockchain technology and our minimal fees, we expect those using our platform to revolutionize the way online stores operate. This new way of trading online will allow small retailers to compete against big e-commerce stores. We have come up with the idea to assist small businesses and help fund their projects.We want to ensure that each and every business on our platform is legitimate with a solid plan in place and that the funds are used for the exact reason they were sourced in the first place. We will be funding many online businesses and helping them to succeed in scaling up. At the core of Aussie Digital is a philanthropic view that everyone should have the opportunity to be just as successful as anybody else, regardless of your investment or experience. With the protective Ecosystem and Better business tools, Aussies Digital will gear each community member to feel valued and secure in the ever-evolving space of digital currency. We know that to keep our community strong and prosperous, members need to feel supported in our ecosystem and opportunities created for them to enhance their worth and a real sense of community to drive the coins stability. This contributes to a highly liquid market based around Community where both long and short-term investors can expect a higher return on investment.




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