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AUTONOMY is creating a blockchain based cloud network allowing self-driving cars to communicate with each-other; with the apps on any smartphone and with the smart city infrastructure. The Autonomy blockchain connects autonomous vehicles to a common platform irrespective of brand; passenger; or owner of the vehicle and enables an extremely secure and transparent exchange of information between all vehicles; users and third parties. Our mission is to �Create an open; secure and decentralised blockchain network for autonomous vehicles where cars communicate and learn from each-other; where no car can be hacked and where privacy; safety and security of the passengers is always the priority.� We have purchased and assembled two semi-autonomous vehicles. We also developed the decision making software for them and connected them to a private blockchain permissioned network. The cars can be requested from a mobile app and they drive to the pickup point; wait for pickup and then to the drop off destination (in a private car park or other contained environments). Our focus is on building the communications layer for the self-driving vehicles of the future and making sure these communications are perfectly encrypted and no car can be hijacked by hackers. Secure data exchange with these vehicles is our top concern and mission. We have committed important resources by going to the basics on how a self-driving car is built; how its software is written and how it works and understanding how to connect it to a secure network powered by a distributed ledger technology (blockchain). We have done a few demos and countless proofs of concepts and are now ready to present our progress with car manufacturers around the world; seeking partnerships and development for various test cases. We are an experienced team which has been working in the transportation software space for over 7 years and have built multiple mobility and dispatching solutions. Contact us to learn more.




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