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Backed (CADT) is a cryptographic token that is backed 1:1 with the Canadian dollar and is held accountable directly by Edward Jones Investment Company. With the ever-changing landscape of the crypto market, stablecoins have become a necessity to secure investor funds due to its� volatility. The Backed coin (CADT) is on it�s own decentralized block-chain to provide a unique option for investors to diversify their stable crypto assets. Proof of the coin�s assets is, easily accessed and subjected to regular audits.Bitcoin has recently grown tremendously and is the first peer-to-peer payment system that isn�t governed by a central authority. Due to the extreme volatility of Bitcoin and other major coins in the crypto market, there has been a large demand for the ability to avoid loss by holding assets� value during a bear market.Furthermore the controversy associated with currently available pegged coins, is creating a progression toward diversifying holdings that are centralized and decentralized. We are offering a solution to accomplish this with true transparency, supervision and regulation from Edward Jones. Backed (CADT) combines the security created by Blockchain technology and a financial trust. Not only is the blockchain security algorithm improved with the MCC�s method but is equally importantly recognized by Canadian trust holdings and pegged at a 1:1 ratio with the Canadian dollar. Backed (CADT) is regularly audited by a top accountancy.Backed� (CADT) holdings with Edward Jones are protected by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, held to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations Standards, and Edward Jones is providing us with the advantages that come with an IRROC-regulated (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada) firms.The creation, transfer and redemption of Backed (CADT), is simple and accessible at all times. At the time of purchase/transfer Backed coins (CADT) are sold and deposited to maintain a 1:1 ratio with the Canadian dollar.Backed (CADT) uses the Main Chain of MCC because they have four major nodes across the globe including Canada where Backed� (CADT) headquarters is located, and they offer 10x + faster processing transaction times.




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