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Imagine Facebook owned by its users. Imagine people lending or borrowing money, buying and selling goods or services without relying on banks or Paypal, insuring each other directly without intermediate insurance companies. Imagine a decentralized transportation network independent of Lyft or Uber, renting apartments without AirBnB, new P2P marketplaces emerging instead of eBay or Amazon. Imagine the ability to replace every organisation with its decentralized counterpart �one that is governed through a decentralized governance structure, and in which users are also shareholders. Backfeed develops the foundational tools that work on top of blockchain technology in order to empower Decentralized Collaborations. It provides the protocols that make it possible for any disparate group of individuals to easily deploy decentralized applications based on spontaneous, large-scale and free collaboration. Backfeed protocols enable people to coordinate themselves through a decentralized governance model that distributes token rewards and reputation to all collaborators, based on the perceived value of their contributions. The protocols are designed to encourage the internal alignment of individuals within a given community, while also promoting diversity at the margins. Following the advent of Bitcoin, blockchain technologies have introduced many new opportunities for decentralized groups of people to coordinate themselves without the need for any third party to guide, control or mediate their actions. With blockchain technology, people can freely collaborate and transact on a peer-to-peer basis, they can deploy decentralized applications and services that benefit the entire community, as opposed to a small group of sstakeholders. The potential for disruption is huge and we at Backfeed are committed to empower the next generation of decentralized organizations on a global scale.




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