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Balance is the safest way to buy, trade, and use a basket of cryptoassets as cash.The last 3 years have shown that cryptocurrencies can successfully work for storing and exchanging value across the world. Yet despite increased consumer interest as crypto is breaking into early majority stream awareness, merchant integration has been severely lagging behind primarily due to high volatility and transaction fees. Most attempts at lowering volatility and creating a viable stablecoin, whether fiat or crypto-backed, with a centralized or decentralized issuance model, or based on seigniorage shares, have so far been unfruitful. We believe the future of digital money isn’t using a single currency, but rather holding, trading, and using a diversified basket of cryptoassets. Buyers and sellers hold diversified, personalized baskets of cryptoassets which get moved in and out of an extremely high velocity medium of exchange at transaction time. For consumers, this eliminates the need to distinguish between investment and chequing accounts, enabling them to use their diversified portfolios as cash. For merchants, this enables them to mitigate volatility as much as desired, while bringing high velocity with virtually zero transaction fees.Balance aims to bring price stability to commerce by allowing consumers and merchants to use diversified baskets of cryptoassets as cash. This is enabled by our flagship technology, the Digital Asset CacheTM (DAC). A DAC is a self-managed collection of digital wallets, that can be created, re-balanced, transacted, and liquidated as one single unit. We value trust, legitimacy, and fair access. We ask for the community to join us as volunteers, investors, ambassadors, and beta testers seeking to bring crypto to mainstream. We don’t have to wait for 5 more years to bring crypto to commerce. We can do it now!




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