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Rewriting the recruitment rulebook to help ICOs, startups and corporates win the war for Blockchain talent in this fiercely competitive market. Leading innovation is toughThere�s no manual to follow. Overcoming the challenges takes an alliance withfellow trailblazers, but where to find them?Talent – the biggest hurdle for blockchain leadersIt�s a talent war out there. Demand is fierce and you�re up against well funded Blockchain & Tech Startups, ICO�s and corporates in your quest. Traditional recruitment is futileYour ideal candidates are virtually untouchable. They�re so much in demand that traditional job ads and cold outreach won�t register.Don�t chase, attract � with BeagleWe stay one step ahead of your recruitment needs with our strategy to offer value, present authority and engage your future Blockchain talent. We prime targets for your job opportunities before they even exist.Our talent pools in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane include:Digital Marketers: Growth, Email, Product & Content Marketers.Leadership: CTO: COO, VP Product.Developers/Engineers: Solidity, Fullstack, C++, Python, NodeJS, C#.UX: CX,Service Designers,UX Researchers, UI & Digital Designers.Social Media: Strategists & Community Managers (with Telegram)We know Blockchain and the talent that�s driving it We live & breathe Blockchain: Beagle is run by Tom Mason, long-term Crypto investor & founder of the Beached Whales Blockchain Meet-up.Crypto friendly: We accept crypto payments for our services.Partnerships: Very open to discussing partnerships with ICO/ startups. Bring us your native currency and we�ll deliver the top talent with our disruptive recruitment service.Unrivalled talent network: we�ve been getting cosy with your talent targets for years through our Beagle Digital division.Get access to the talent every Blockchain business and leader is looking for:e: tom@beagleblockchain.com.aum: 0415552320 See less




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