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Pra�a Duque da Terceira 24 , 4th Floor , Lisboa, Lisbon, 1200-161,  1200-161
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In the complex world of online betting, three main groups exist who must have their needsmet in order for the whole ecosystem to function: Regulators, who want compliance; Players,who want safety; and Developers, who want facilities. Currently, online betting applicationsrun on bespoke solutions, with each one having its own silo while competing with other appsin other silos. In order to enter the market as a developer, you need to build your own silo andredo the work others have done already to ensure compliance for regulators and safety forplayers. But what if a betting protocol existed that allowed for developers to use astandardized set of tools that ensured compliance and safety while offering them the facilitiesthey want?Introducing BetProtocol : �The Shopify for Betting Apps�BetProtocol connects Developers to Decentralized Programmable Blockchain Resources tocreate a new paradigm of online betting systems and infrastructure. BetProtocol is a set oftools that allows developers to program their own betting applications using our whitelabelsystem. We ensure that compliance and safety are handled on the protocol level, freeingdevelopers to focus on the content and form of their betting apps, and not on the underlyinginfrastructure. We believe this will greatly reduce the barrier of entry for online betting firms,lead to a proliferation of betting dApps, and unlock a new multi-billion dollar, regulatedcrypto-betting industry.




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