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Biolink.Tech develops Private AI tools that allow people to the best they can be. We are starting by helping millions of people reverse obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.WE ARE ADDRESSING A BIG GLOBAL PROBLEM�Globesity� – a global epidemic of overweight and obesity has led to a drastic increase in diabetes. BIOLINK.TECH REPRESENT A NEW ERA OF POSSIBILITIES IN HEALTH AND WELLNESSWe are aiming to become the world�s best weight loss & diabetes platform. We gather unique health datafrom our own and our partners� sensors and devices, and use personal health data and AI to integrate into programmatic self-management of weight loss and T2DM.SCIENCE: We have adopted a clinically proven functional medicine based platform addressing underlying immunological deficiencies, not symptoms:- Clinically proven supplemented paleo-Mediterranean nutrition programme;- Scientifically proven High-Intensity Interval Training workouts and daily movement plans:- Stress and Sleep Hygiene programmes.MAGIC: We are building the world�s first Private AI, using machine learning and gamification to measure, manage and motivate users to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Gamification creates a sticky solution and drives motivation, forming new habits and clinical outcomes.Our smart wearable is collecting vital health data on the user including heartbeat heart rate variability. Our open ecosystem also collects to 3rd party health sensors, devices and IoT equipment such as blood glucose meters, cortisol sensors and smart scales. All data is owned by user, stored privately & securely using blockchain technology and only shared on explicit permission of a user. We use gamification to drive clinical outcomes and long-term lifestyle changes.We are creating valuable IP in Digital DNA, private AI and bioID systems. Biolink.Tech has applied for three core provisional patents have for in the US, and there is an opportunity to file further 15 patients.We are offering the platform as a value-add to B2B2C partners who can add their own methodologies, apps and software to offer a complete health and wellbeing package to millions of their customers.




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