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Calle Germ�n Bernacer, 65, Elche/Elx, Comunidad Valenciana / Comunitat Valenciana, 03290,  03290
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About Us

We are heading to a completely digitally tokenized world. From kilograms of corn to liters of oil. From NASDAQ shares to state bonds. From the ownership of a vehicle to soccer cards.We are so convinced of this premise and the advantages it brings in reducing costs, bureaucracy and time, as well as the high level of transparency it brings, that we work obsessively to help make it a reality.Our focus is to develop and offer simple tools for users, professionals and institutions that allow the creation, management and exchange of digital assets based on Blockchain technology.Bit2Me was born with a 100% operative product that revolutionized the sector, being the first service in the world to join cryptoassets to traditional banking through 10,000 integrations in traditional bank ATMs with the objective of democratizing access and experience with first generation cryptoassets .https://bit2me.comNow, We Are Coding The Future.- We have been named the startup of the year by CaixaBank. – We also won Fintech America, a world wide competition organized by Visa in Miami. – We were accelerated by Blockchain Space and Coinsilium. – We have been awarded by Deloitte and Expansi�n. – We were invited as advisors by the UK government. – We were selected for advice about Blockchain in the European Committee (Brussels, one of most important international summits of Europe in front of politicians and businessmen from all countries).- We were advising two banks and other featured consultancy companies.All press mentions: https://bit2me.com/pressSome press mentions:NBC USA: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/fintech-americas-miami-conference-focuses-latin-america-n449916Mediterraneo: http://www.elperiodicomediterraneo.com/noticias/contra/alternativa-bancos_965917.htmlExpansi�n: http://www.expansion.com/economia-digital/companias/2015/11/16/564a050646163f27218b460d.html




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