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Total Members: 25;350Total Donated: 5How It Works Why BTChamp 2.0?It was noticed that some downlines of the BTChamp 1 platform refuses to upgrade their account when they have gotten enough bitcoin from their downlines. This act decreases the earning potential of uplines when their downlines fail to upgrade by making donations to them. The essence of this new version auto-matrix platform is to ensure that every affiliate earn from their downline’s upgrade. Thus; only the first-time donation (level 1 upgrade) of each member shall be carried out manually; the rest of the upgrades shall be carried out by automated system.THIS IS BASED ON EVERYONE JUST GETTING 2 participants (if you have more than 2 you can help your downline by placing these people under them)This is your business so you are free to manage it in whatever manner you chosse. LEVEL 1: 2 x 0.002 BTC = 0.004 BTC � 0.003 BTC (upgrade to level 2) = 0.001 BTC profitLEVEL 2: 4 x 0.003 BTC = 0.012 BTC � 0.01 BTC (upgrade to level 3) = 0.002 BTC profitLEVEL 3: 8 x 0.01 BTC = 0.08 BTC � 0.065 BTC (upgrade to level 4) = 0.015 BTC profitLEVEL 4: 16 x 0.065 BTC = 1.04 BTC � 0.8 BTC(upgrade to level 5) = 0.24 BTC profitLEVEL 5: 32 x 0.8 BTC= 0.08 BTC � 25.6 BTC (Reset to Level 1) 25.598 BTC profit again n again To Earn that 25.6 BTC you need to be a team player or atleast be in touch with all your team this cant be done by an single person as matrix mean team work so you will earn only when each level of your downline when upgrade themself to that level like for example when your level 1 upgrade to level 1 you get paid as he is your level 1 and its easy than when your downline of level 2 have there own 2 downline for them it will be there level 1 but for you you get filled till level 3 so then you get paid profit of level 2 like this other level work when your level 3;4;5 have there own downline to get upgrade to that level than you are there upline so you get paid. So dont be in confuse about matrix and referral making program BTChamp is not referral making programe its an network marketing site please all upline i request to help your all downline as a leader.All lets turn ourself as a team and work hard and became a leader.So when ever your downline of level 4 get upgrade to 4 and you yet in 3 than dont worry you too than get upgraded to level 4 as thats the best feature we had as here we care for all member so no one left behin all we need to do work as team and help each other to grow a big family. When your downline upgrades; at the Level 1 you will get level 1 donations; So like that only you will get a donation on other levels dont think that when Level 2 upgrades level 1 he / she will be give Level 1 upgrade to you it will go to your level 1 downlines and when they upgrades to level 2 then will you get Level 2 of 0.003 donation; like this only all next level donation you gonna get and upgraded to next level Remain profit will get paid to the given wallet on system.FEATURE OF BTCHAMP 2.0 : IF YOUR DOWNLINE FROM LEVEL 5 HARD WORK AND WHEN HE UPGRADE LEVEL 5 YOU TO GONNA GET THAT DONATION AND IT GONNA UPGRADE YOU TOO TO LEVEL 5 SO HERE ALL WE NEED TO WORK HARD AS TEAM SO NO ONE GOT LEFT BEHIND…After resetting to level 1 your placement and downline will remain intact so if you work as a team with your downlines you can easily earn 25.6 BTC again n againHOW TO UPGRADERegister on site and fill up your wallet detailsClick on upgrade and send 0.002btc on the address appearing on the upgrade pageBTChamp 2.0 – How To Sign Up and Upgrade Guide : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZfskrtRV1I




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