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123 Satoshi Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101,  89101
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The Bitcoin Bank is a set of technologies that build a self-operating autonomous Bank; they include an API, an APP, a COIN & a CARD. To start a Bitcoin Bank, a user purchases 1 BANKcoin and sends it to the BANKapi. To open an account in this new Bitcoin Bank, 100 BANKcoin must be deposited to the new account address. BANKcoin is purchased at any Bitcoin ATM with the Mobile Banking App BANKapp. A Bitcoin ATM will take cash, deposit Bitcoin to the Bitcoin Bank Reserve & a SwapBot Smart Contract sends the corresponding deposit amount of BANKcoin to the users account address. This creates a BTC reserve for the Bitcoin Bank & produces new BANKcoin tokens for each new deposit. Once a Bitcoin Bank has deposits of both BTC in reserve & BANKcoin in its account addresses, that Bitcoin Bank can now hold deposits, transfer funds, issue BANKcards and operate a wide range of banking services including Savings, Loans, Investment, Titles & Notary.The Bitcoin Bank acts as a Franchise Bank running on the Bitcoin network and built using a package of technologies engineered at Bitcoin Inc. When a user wants to launch their own BANK, they can purchase BANKcoin, launch the BANKapi, distribute the BANKapp to their customers and take deposits using a Bitcoin ATM. The mobile BANKapp is built using Google Cloud, Bitcoin & Counterparty. BANKapp works by connecting to the BANKapi once it is loaded with a BANKcoin deposit at any Bitcoin ATM or with a BTC deposit. BANKapi contains 6 Smart Jobs, each one controls different rules at a single Bitcoin Bank. Using the BANKapi the owner of the BANK can modify the Smart Jobs, to customize their BANK or make it more competitive with different features, rates, fees and rules of operation.




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