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So, are you wondering what the bitcoin hoopla is all about? And why should you care??It’s because it’s a new technology that for the first time in human history allows for the creation of digital private property that cannot be copied. Bitcoin is just one kind of crypto currency, the fact that a single bitcoin cannot be copied means that it can be really useful as a currency (I can’t make a copy of a bunch of dollars send one to you, another to Overstock .com, etc). However, many other applications of this technology have and will continue to be created. The implications are monumental – think digital music, videos, or even equity in a company. I predict there will be a tremendous shift to crypto currencies, goods, and services in the coming years which will cause the biggest transfer of wealth in our lifetimes. I created Bitcoin College to support those, like me, that are intrigued by a changing time. When there is change there is opportunity. My dad, Bing, always said that good luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. The opportunity is staring us in the face – it’s time for us to get prepared.




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