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In October 2008, Bitcoin was “created” via a White Paper that was published on the internet: See at: https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf On May 17, 2010, the first-ever transaction using Bitcoin was recorded. An anonymous person purchased a Papa John’s pizza in exchange for 10,000 Bitcoin. Since then, May 17th is affectionately referred to as Pizza Day, for Bitcoin enthusiasts. The story of how this disruptive technology – that has since then taken the world by storm – is still somewhat mysterious, and definitely fascinating. The true identity of the creator of Bitcoin has never been confirmed… his purported name (pseudonym) is Satoshi Nakamoto. However, since its inception, countless first adopters of Bitcoin have made many millions. The good news is that Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency investment opportunities are still in their infancy, and all indications are that many more will invest in, and earn millions, over the next decade and beyond.Countries and municipalities have recently begun adopting and fully embracing Bitcoin by recognizing and integrating Bitcoin into their monetary systems. As examples, China, Japan, South Korea, Norway, India, Australia, and now Mexico, are among the first adopters. In Europe there are an estimated 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs that have been placed for ease of purchase and conversion of fiat currency into digital currency. In the USA, 2017 has also ushered in Bitcoin ATMs, with first adopters in Florida. For those that qualify, you can invest in Bitcoin in IRAs and 401ks. Bitcoin Investment News (BIN) is dedicated to providing real-time third party information from around the world on “all things Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency”. BIN also spends countless hours vetting new opportunities for passive investment, with emphasis in Bitcoin mining. BIN’s webpage http://bitcoininvestment.news shares recommended companies where you can begin/increase your cryptocurrency portfolio, as an adjunct to your current financial strategies. Average earnings in Bitcoin mining, at this time, range from 10-15+% plus per month, simply by purchasing mining contracts with the top, internationally-acclaimed mining companies, whose business model is mining “freshly-minted” Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency coins. Purchasing a mining contract entitles you to share in the company’s daily profits, which can be transparently validated via public and readily available “Ledgers.”BIN’s primary concern is safety, and then maximizing investment capital for long-term wealth generation. As with any investment vehicle, there are no guarantees, however, experts from around the world believe Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and they are quickly being adopted and becoming mainstream. There are many ways to increase your Bitcoin portfolio, but only a few Bitcoin Investment opportunities can generate daily profits with minimum risk, and also provide a stream of income from day one, for those that seek to augment what they are currently earning. Of course, Bitcoin mining provides a way to accumulate “Bitcoin capital” – adding to your current investment strategy – for those that seek to increase their portfolio and take advantage of future appreciation.We invite you to visit our website at: http://bitcoininvestment.news.There you will:1- Have access to the Latest News Regarding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investing2- See how Others Are Making Money With Bitcoin3- Learn the simple steps for you to Most Effectively Multiply Your Bitcoin Portfolio4- Readily access the recommended Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency investment opportunities, with simple, step-by-step instructions to getting started immediately




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