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About BCO – A Bitcoin forkBCO is an acronym for BitcoinOre bitcoin ore, featuring:1. Users can dig in idle disk space without the need for expensive graphics and mines.2. The traditional mining machine consumes high power, noise and heat, and the professional mines tend to be centralized. The threshold for ordinary users is high.3. At present, the power used by POW mining has surpassed that of 159 countries. The development of digital currency should not be at the expense of consuming too much energy.4. POC capacity to prove a few minutes to scan a hard drive, usually in a standby hard drive, power consumption is negligible, the mine can not charge for electricity, with natural energy resistance advantages.5. POC capacity proves green energy saving, low power consumption, low noise, no calorific value and no return compared with power-based POW mining. The original intention of Zhongbacai’s white paper that everyone can mine is truly decentralized mining.6. SSDs are expensive, POC has no requirement for fast throughput data, just capacity, so POC naturally prevents ASIC chips.7. Based on the capacity of proof, the future support for large blocks and will join zero knowledge of proof and other functions.2017/12/25- Estimated fork date




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