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401 East Jackson Street , 2340 , Tampa, FL, 33602,  33602
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Founder & CEO of BitcoinHomework – Incentivized by ExtraCredit Cryptocurrency!We at BitcoinHomework.com HQ, consider ourselves as disruptive pioneers in the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain education. In coordination with our partner Extra Credit (XTRA), we collectively realize that this noble undertaking has only just begun. The sheer magnitude of the work that has been laid out before us humble us in knowing that there are titans who are already hard at work in making the same thing happen. We consciously build upon these foundations to deliver avant-garde learning material that can easily be digested by the common layman. We do this without sacrificing the intricate details that underlie the monumental implication blockchain technology will have in our lives. In the same way that they say that TCP/IP as a protocol is always used but seldom known, blockchain will be inconspicuously powering global finance and beyond. We aim to equip whoever who wants to learn, to take advantage of this and strike while the iron is hot.It behooves us, as educators to see to it that the material we present will be at par with a continually evolving industry. In line with these efforts, we aim to bolster and maximize the channels that are available to us. Various learning technologies and platforms stand to benefit from mobility. We are planning to take advantage of this by deploying a mobile app for anyone to download and use. Students can then learn at their own pace, wherever they are.Regular podcast sessions are in the making to augment our 80+ robust course offerings. Finally, we are exploring the open sourcing of our learning platform to allow tertiary institutions and beyond to take advantage and build upon what we already built. We hope that by open sourcing this and more, that we can fully and exponentially spread our vision and mission.Blockchain technology is the future and we�re helping others develop the tools necessary in building that capacity.




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