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About Us

The BitcoinLatina Foundation is a for-profit benefits company; which shall generate revenue from consulting and investment opportunities in renewable energy; desalination & water delivery; real estate; agritech; and decentralized applications (dApps) that utilize the future BitcoinLatina EOS-based blockchain in Latin America.Similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin; the BitcoinLatina cryptocurrency represents the perceived value of the trustless; immutable; decentralized; peer-to-peer network of connected computing power; and the electricity; hardware; internet connection; time and expertise of volunteers it depends on for its existence. It is also representative of the total number of useful applications built on top of the network; and how many organizations; enterprises and consumers connect to the network. In some cases the value of an altcoin is the perceived value of a network that will someday be built and the promise of that future blockchain.Members of our Community help translate; moderate; create logos & website imagery; market; organize; write code & content; refer friends; serve as delegates and more; for the benefit of our blockchain and to earn BitcoinLatina coins for their efforts.The Foundation consults & provides coin grants from our treasury to entrepreneurs & engineers who build dApps utilizing our blockchain. Our Consulting arm seeks for companies with a clear path to non-trivial profit; a team delivering and working well together; who are focused on business in Latin America.Our Venture arm will focus on wealth preservation and growth in Latin American:Real estateRenewable energyWater deliveryDesalinationAgritech/robot farmingdApps and services utilizing our BitcoinLatina Blockchain.The BitcoinLatina Cryptocurrency bonds us as a Community; providing tangible value for our effort.




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