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bitCript is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange for the trading of cryptocurrencies based on a blockchain technology. Decentralized services and live users support.Mission: To create the fastest and easiest conditions for the exchange of funds and crypto-currency assets with the greatest convenience for the user.Goal: To reach 30,000 online users per day and to enter the world’s Top-10 cryptocurrency exchanges before December 2018.The task: To spread knowledge about the company and the bitCript product in order to collect $80 million on Token Sale, which afterward will become the asset of the exchange for user transactions. Also, to distribute part of the assets to the real economy for the financial stability of the coin and to increase its capitalization.Competitive strategy: Decentralization and loyal community creation.Values are the following:- to be one step ahead- to cherish the team as a family- to bring benefits to the world- to create socially useful charity projects using smart contracts.We, the bitCript team, create only those products and solutions that we need ourselves.The most innovative solutions arise from real demand. The demand from convenient, fast and inexpensive transactions and high wallet security inspired the bitCript founders.After the cryptocurrency exchanges started announcing that they do not bear responsibility for the safety of funds in users’ wallets, the need to create our own company at a completely new level became even more justified.Members of the cryptocurrency Exchange Board together with a group of strong-minded developers and specialists in blockchain and cyber security decided to join the bitCript team for the cryptocurrency exchange implementation and realization of the white paper which you are currently reading.




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