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Bitcrypto.Asia; Singapore; Hong Kong;, Malaysia,  Malaysia
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About Us

Bitcrypto.Asia is Singapore’s Premier Crypto-Venture Capital & Advisory Firm.”Movers and shakers of the 21st Century embody the sweeping change Apple brought to Nokia; Uber to Taxis and perhaps; what Cryptocurrencies will do to transform fintech markets.” – Elias TAt Bitcrypto.Asia; we endeavor to accelerate the development of cutting-edge; regulatory-compliant blockchain technologies that builds the future Smart Nation both locally in Singapore; Asia and Globally.Our Co-Founder & Managing Director; Jeremy co-wrote the English translation of the NEO(Antashares) White Paper; China�s First Blockchain project which has skyrocketed to a market capitalization of [$10-$12 Billion USD]. Jeremy is also the Founder of NEO (Antashares) Singapore Meet-Up and a Official NEO Council/Community Translator. He is also a writing Contributor to NeoNewsToday and a well respected City of Zion Member (Home of the Open-source Global NEO Developer Community). His other achievements include winning the Lunyr Writer�s Blockchain Competition with his entry on NEO.Our Co-Founder & CEO; Elias is a Consultant to City of Zion; Moonlight.io (NEO Antshares global development team). He is also a Strategic Consultant (ICO) to Bountie.io which has raised $25;000;000 to date and Puregold.io (PGT & PG PAY) which has raised $6;110;000 to date. His Consulting clients currently range from Senior Legal and Private Equity Fund Managers; Wealth Management Executives to High Net-Worth Individuals. Furthermore; he also has 4 years of experience working under Top Lawyers from Global & Singapore’s Big 4 Firms in the Asia Pacific Region.OUR SERVICESWe provide Investment Banking; Venture Capital; Advisory & Services to High Net-Worth Individuals; Companies and Financial institutions in Singapore and the Asian Region looking to understand block-chain technologies and grapple with emerging Fintech Markets of the 21st Century.Our Consultancy Services stem from Rigorous Research; Analysis and Due Diligence processes for Investors who wish to navigate the market with an accurate and balanced perspective of the Cryptocurrency landscape.We also provide Cryptocurrency Asset Management Advice that Investors might be able to adequately protect their Cryptocurrency investments in a rapidly evolving digital market.COLLABORATIONS & PARTNERSHIPSNEO (Antashares; NEO SMART ECONOMY); NEO News Today; City of Zion; NEX; CryptoEllis Youtube Channel; Bitcoin Currency Consulting New Zealand.BOARD OF ADVISORSOur Board of Advisors feature leading industry doyens in the Legal Profession; Business and Fintech Markets in Singapore.FUTURE PLANSFor the Sake of Posterity; we will be partnering and engaging with Regulatory Bodies to ensure that we remain regulations compliant.




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