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Bitdirect was founded in December 2017, by Andrew Field and Oliver Shepherd. Their relationship started many years before when they studied Information Systems together at the University of Cape Town.Andrew started selling bitcoin in South Africa while living in London through LocalBitcoins. After completing countless trades across all demographics of South Africa�s population, coupled with the hospitable stance that the South African Reserve bank has towards bitcoin, it was apparent that South Africa was going to be a market leader in this field. South Africa consistently ranks in the top 3 for bitcoin related Google searches globally, so the time was right to move back to South Africa and build our own secure bitcoin purchasing platform.We believe that of all the emerging new technologies Bitcoin is going to have the biggest impact on the 21st century. Being able to transfer value from one person to another, virtually instantaneously, anywhere in the world, without having to use a middleman like a bank or financial institution is very powerful. In the words of Bill Gates, �bitcoin is a technical tour de force�. This is also the first time that digital scarcity has been invented, and the built-in mathematical algorithm makes bitcoin systematically scarcer over time. This feature will undoubtedly result in future price increases.Bitcoin will become the global reserve currency and it will eventually replace all traditional fiat currencies which will result in a bitcoin value well in excess of $1m per coin. There have been over 3500 fiat currencies throughout the course of history, and one thing is certain, in the words of Voltaire, �Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value: zero�. If bitcoin is benchmarked against other recent major technological innovations, change could happen quicker than people think.Bitcoin for us is far more than just a business, it�s a life-long vocation that we truly live.




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