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Welcome to BitPetro, the world’s First Online Oil & Gas marketplace for alternative currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Mastercoin, Feathercoin and the like.At BitPetro we believe in the fundamental principles of: 1. Free Markets; and2. Energy IndependenceBitPetro was designed by industry experts in the fields of Oil & Gas, Cryptography, Finance, Legal Compliance and Deal Making. The BitPetro platform offers Oil & Gas Buyers and Sellers a highly secure and registered investment portal, that is both legally compliant by design and extremely easy to use. By accepting alternative currencies for “working interest”, we offer our oil and gas clients access to a newly minted, Multi-Billion Dollar market place for electro-currency deal making, while simultaneously offering our qualified investors a platform for direct participation in domestic energy.The BitPetro technology platform is characterized by: *ease of use * high-speed transactions * drastically reduced transaction fees * broad diversification of offering(s) and investor(s) * full compliance and disclosure(s); and * a global market reach.Offerings and prospective buyers are vetted on the front end of our platform with our proprietary “Know Your Customer” (KYC) input methodology saving valuable time and energy on every deal. Full Process Transactions have never been easier or more efficient for you or your organization. Given the nature of the global financial system, where monetary transfers utilize archaic payment processes provedby major institutions,(which have high costs and can take up to several days to verify)—BitPetro allows for a more seamless, direct transfer of resource. List with BitPetro and give your Oil & Gas offering(s) global exposure to the Multi-Billion Dollar alternative currency market place today.




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