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Welcome the first ever decentralized gaming ecosystem, A world where Work is the equivalent of Play. The universal precept of Gaming is perceived as a fun only activity. Meanwhile there are more that 2.2 Billion gamers around the world and only a tiny fraction of the ecosystem makes little to no income through addictively participating in MMOG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) and the likes.The current shift to a decentralized evolution (which was pioneered by Bitcoin) leads a positive transformation for Gamers in all sphere of the world with the advent of BitPlay.Evolving gaming to a whole new level requires a sustainable ecosystem in which gamers , aspiring gamers and sport lovers around the world are able to convert their gaming abilities and passion into a profession and earn a living.It’s all about a new dawn and era for gamers all around the world, there is a vast majority of undiscovered, talented and sophisticated gamers in all sphere of the world, NOW is the time for gamers to be noticed like most conventional sports superstars and celebrities around the world, BitPlay ensues to fostering a decentralized and sustainable ecosystem for gamers and aspiring gamers, helping talents get discovered, natured, trained and inspired to rule their world.




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