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We advise blockchain and cryptocurrency startups on their best path to a successful launch and beyond. From white paper to management and planning and everything in between, we help legitimate projects with a mission accomplish their goals. We are a highly experienced team of professionals in all aspects of product planning, strategy, marketing and development in the tech sector. We’ve been involved with dozens of startups and helped them plan their strategies, gain market traction and position themselves to raise funds.We receive a large quantity of pitches from projects and we review every one, but we do not do any of the following, so please do not ask:* Bounty / Shilling programs- We do not shill for ICOs. We promote the projects we believe in based on their value as a technology or business. * Vanity advisory – We’ve spent decades building our reputations as experts in startups, marketing, technology, and leadership, why would we harm that by slapping our name on a project we aren’t actually advising. * Dishonest Offerings* Regulatory Violating ICOs Our job is to show you the path and to help you get there. Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the underlying blockchain technology have ushered in an era of opportunity not seen since the Internet was commercialized. From application development and business strategy to marketing and token distribution, the Blacknox team is ready to help you capitalize on the amazing possibilities. * Blockchain Integration Planning* Blockchain Strategies* Blockchain Development* Blockchain Product Creation* Cryptocurrency Development, Launch and Distribution* Tokenomics – Blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem planning and setup* Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Marketing* Community Building* Smart Contracts* Compliance* Token Generating EventsIf you’re considering a blockchain strategy for your business and you will commit to being fully compliant with regulators, then our team is ready to help you succeed.




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