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Lisbon is hosting the first ABC Summit in September.ABC Summit is committed to Blockchain and cryptographic solutions that have subsequently gained global individual; organisational and government traction.Blockchain is a technology deployed utilising the internet which enables complex processes to become transparent; inviolable and streamlined and representative of financial transactions and elections.Smart contracts determine internet operations and processes initiated employing Blockchain and constitute a decentralised; shared and chain validated registry throughout participating networks.Blockchain and cryptographic solutions evidently contain the capability to become a pioneering mainstream infrastructure for communication and commerce while concurrently capitalising on the ability to streamline compliance and universal interoperability.The technology is proliferating and clearly comprises a large and fundamental social; economic; financial and political revolution.The Asset Backed Crypto summit serves as a conference for a variety of start-ups derived from a range of diverse industries that are sequentially supported by assets or added value projects.ABC summit adheres to pertinent criteria while scrutinising multiple companies and their idiosyncratic business models seeking crowdfunding implementing the sale and issuance of proprietary cryptocurrencies using Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).ABC summit assists investors with establishing a rigorous analysis of the conferences’ projects; particularly as market volatility provokes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to incur extreme price swings.The summit provides information and debate panels consisting of various distributed consensus technology solutions and Artificial Intelligence; financial; economic and social impact keynote speakers. The overarching discussion will be underpinned by financial inclusion and social responsibility trends and there exists further proposal trend reflecting concomitant issues. Moreover; the summit contains altruistic multi-faceted characteristics leveraging Blockchain and during its global early adoption targets visiting students and their skills in Lisbon. ABC Summit deploys a model that clearly addresses the requirements and aspirations of university students and other young people eager to learn about Blockchain. The event utilises professional workshops to pitch ideas throughout contests and captivate investor interest.Furthermore; ABC Summit represents an opportunity for students seeking job opportunities within start-ups and organisations implementing blockchain and cryptocurrencies. ABC Summit can be attended on September 28 and 29; 2018 at Lisbon Congress Centre.We would like to invite international attendees to participate in the conference as Lisbon becomes the European stage for a global class summit.SEE YOU THERE!For further information please visit www.abcsummit.com




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