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149 Duiker Drive Drummond, Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, 3626,  3626
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About Us

BLOCKBANK BlockBank is an educational group that is dedicated to helping the public on how to understand cryptocurrency mining and the Blockchain technology on which it exists. Once people understand and feel comfortable with what the future of crypto has in store for us, we are then able to guide you towards the worlds leading and most effective, risk free way of getting involved with cryptocurrency. Mining and securing a future with the evolution of finance. There truly is a way to secure your financial freedom, many people around the world have trouble understanding how and why this evolution of money is so important and will work for the better of all mankind.BlockBank is the first of its kind, through extensive observation and research within a company that mines cryptocurrency in the worlds third largest mining pool, (�Slush pool�) Lifestyle Galaxy is a fully proven miracle of a company, fairly new in its approach to help the world they are rapidly growing as the most successful mining platform, as well as the most reputable and beneficial multi level marketing company in the world. BlockBank mining group is the first company to adopt education as its business marketing tool, to show people exactly what Lifestyle Galaxy have to offer. We catch the attention of the specific target market that we know will find interest in what we have to offer through Lifestyle Galaxy, we educate them on how beneficial cryptocurrencies are and how rewarding mining crypto will be. Our objective is to align people with financial freedom, to give as many people as we can a chance to improve their lives and the lives of the people around them. BlockBank knows that Lifestyle Galaxy is the only company in this industry that wants to help the world, the company is based on ethics and morals that prove to be of the highest value. BlockBanks marketing strategy will act as a booster pack towards Lifestyle Galaxy and help generate a massive community of financially free people




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