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We specialize in Blockchain technology.FAQAs a US military veteran owned blockchain business; we guarantee great and exceptional service! How do you add value to my business?We help your business create supply chain transparency while enabling the supplier and customer to verify the authenticity of the product and the process. Who are your clients?Our clients are owner-operated companies that have supply chains in their daily business.Why should I buy from you?Your business supply chain process will be less cloudy and more transparent to you and your customer. All products will have an ID; along with a time stamp; location mapping; and smart label so customers can verify product authenticity. All your products will have a digital and physical ID and receipt. Your customer will have a chance to view where the materials came from; understand the process that is used along each step and meet the people and businesses behind the products that are made for them. Your customers being able to understand the process of your products being created in the supply chain will keep them more engaged and creating trust for a longer customer lifetime value. Proven technology such as the blockchain can create a refreshing look for your business which will increase word of mouth marketing that will generate a higher number of loyal new customers.Are you blockchain certified?Yes;see our certs here:*Linux/IBM Hyperledger Blockchain for Business *Certified Bitcoin Professional *Certified Blockchain Expert




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