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Welcome to the Blockchain Generation!Who are we? Blockchain Generation is an entire ecosystem of full ICO life cycle advisors, lawyers, developers, marketers, engineers, community managers, blockchain architects, business strategists, project managers, investors. Many of the key players in our networks include analysts, PhDs, cryptographers, political and financial advisors, VC�s, executives; from institutions such as: Stanford, MIT, Yale, Berkeley, MSU, Apple, Google, Oracle, Facebook, Berkshire Hathaway, Crypto Valley and many more, both in the US and globally. We have all entered an exciting new era of opportunity and leverage, where adapting quickly and innovating along the way will make the difference between having just an idea and executing on it and bringing it into reality. We use AI, industry experts, experience and common sense to stay ahead of the curve to avoid being blindsided by regulatory changes, poor business logic, unproductive partnerships and wasteful spending, rather follow innovation, successful patterns and proven best practices.What do we do? You�re in the business of building your enterprise, not learning about and building ICO (utility tokens), TSO (security tokens), TSE (equity tokens) offerings. Best business practices compel organizations to specialize in the goods, or services produced to generate revenue and build their path to profit, not expel energy and resources in the often-evolving and complex environment of launching and managing ICO campaigns. If your company has the bandwidth and resources to do so internally then we may be able to simply assist along the way, or if you just want to deploy the best team possible to hand you a turnkey solution, we can build and execute it for you. More than half of ICO�s launched, fail at achieving their objectives; of these companies approximately 5% are viewed as successful and have a revenue positive, sustainable business venture. ?




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