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Perspective – Collaboration – Solutions to Adapt and ThriveWhy BGA?We believe the individuals most responsive to disruption will adapt and thrive. How? Our collaborative process benefits everyone involved – “Better Design – Better Deployment.”As responsive individuals, we are called to be volunteers for a more perfect future – not its victims. What?We are an independent team of seasoned leaders and subject matter experts who orchestrate better blockchain, financial, and consulting solutions. We have been advisors to advisors and their clients for decades. For professional advisors and their clients, we facilitate the efficient acquisition and long-term storage of secure Crypto-Assets. Most people start with a webinar hosted by Hollis Hedrich.We are known for our ideation, innovations, facilitation, knowledge management, and capacity to execute.Our clients are individuals, startups, and companies who seek adaptive ways to lead, manage, fund, and govern their blockchain opportunities. With our focus on Smart Contracts, ICO, AI, IoT, Cyber and Crypto-Assets, we blend experience in business strategy, leadership, and marketing acumen with technology expertise into sustainable, customer focused solutions. Our perspective is global and inspired by R. Buckminster Fuller. “You never change things by fighting existing reality.To change something, you build a new model that makes existing model obsolete.”Responsive individuals can do well and do good for everyone on Spaceship Earth.As passengers, our collaboration and solutions must always be effective, efficient, ethical, and encrypted.




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