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About Us

“Blockchain Ladies” is more than a community; it is a virtual place where strong women inspire other strong women. If you are a blockchain enthusiast; cryptocurrencies curious; cryptotrader; blockchain entrepreneur; developer; hacker or an investor; don’t miss the chance to meet women like you!- It’s not about money; it’s about value -In the finance and trading field is often difficult for women to even get the possibility to be seen in the first place; but we are ready to change the situation doing away with the notion that trading is just a �man�s game�. Women can and will rise to the top; making their money work for them. What’s the secret of the Blockchain Ladies movement? It’s not just about money really; it’s about values. We believe in the power of Blockchain technology as great instrument to live in a trasparent; efficient and fairer world.- Pink Traders -More women are taking up trading. The ability to trade electronically is a contributing factor. It used to be that to trade you had to call a broker but with the Bitcoin and CryptoCurrencies’s birth computer trading is anonymous; making a trader�s gender unimportant. We support all of you!#jointhemovement


Napoli; Napoli, 80014,



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