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Crypto Wallet Attacks – How To Keep Your Crypto Safe

If you have a crypto wallet and manage your own keys then you need to know about two attacks that are taking place right now. These use social engineering to trick users into revealing their private keys. As our guide to crypto wallets makes clear, if you reveal your private key you will lose your money.

Cointelegraph reports that Ledger users have been targeted by malware that replaces the genuine client on their Windows PC.  The malicious version asks them to re-enter their seed phrase. Users of the Electrum software wallet have also been targeted by hackers. The hackers use its messaging facility to tell users to “upgrade”. Users who install the upgrade are prompted to re-enter their seed phrase.

The golden rule

  • Never type your seed phrase into a computer

If for some reason you think you have to break this rule then you are are almost certainly being hacked. You must go to the wallet manufacturer’s website and check that HTTPS padlock is valid. If it is valid then you should raise a support query.

What next?


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