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In 2018, generic .COM domain sales surged to regain their rightful place as supreme virtual real estate/IP assets. Transactions reported in 2018 included such powerhouse seven-figure sales as: crypto.com, tesla.com, jump.com, california.com, yes.com, ice.com, goto.com, super.com, and the bundled sale of sleeping.com and snoring.com.Why? There are mass defections from prominent social media platforms such as Facebook, and monoliths like Amazon Prime are increasingly understood to be dangerous monopolies. Companies who want to stand out from the clutter and free themselves from the tyrannical shackles of walled-in social (why would you want to send traffic to build someone else�s company instead of your own?), and over-inflated ad words are investing in the prime real estate of great domains. Particularly in the age of bots�Studies suggest that less than 60% of web traffic is human, and a healthy majority of it is bot�a great domain signals trustworthiness and authority. Smart companies are leveraging ultra-premium domains to claw back and stake out their own indisputable territory in both mindshare and marketshare.Ready to invest in your company�s future? Buckley Media has a carefully curated list of premium and ultra premium domains under exclusive brokerage. Inquiries: kate@BuckleyMedia.comPrincipal Kate Buckley has worked with premium domains since 1998 (The Castello Brothers) and is an expert at premium domain appraisal, consulting (ideation, sales, and strategy) and representation�buying and selling ultra-premium .COMs for investors, PE, VC, established companies, and start-ups. She has personally brokered such publicly recorded top sales as Sleeping.com and Snoring.com ($1,004,450), Rate.com ($725,000), LagunaBeach.com ($600,000), Refi.com ($500,000), Inspection.com ($335,000), Advance.com ($300,000), Agenda.com ($225,000), and Providers.com ($100,000).


58 Lagunita Dr, Laguna Beach, California, 92651,



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