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Z: Scam?

Hong Kong Trail Section 4, Wan Chai,, 
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About Us

BULLIONBLOCK is a registered incorporated company in Hong Kong and is in the process of registering and incorporating the holding company in Singapore (BULLIONBLOCK Pte Ltd). The Singapore holding company has set up a subsidiary company in Australia to establish the Mint Exchange Exchange as a decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem.The company is dedicated to maximizing profits for its shareholders and committed to the philosophy of People Before Profit. Our aim is to generate honest, fair and equitable returns for the ICO Token Holders and the present and future owners (shareholders) of BULLIONBLOCK LTD, by providing superior value to our users’ (customers). The company is set-up with a “People Before Profit” philosophy and invites all those concerned from worldwide to participate in this exclusive crowdfund, to raise the hard-cap (minimum capital required) for the roll-out of its Business Plan and establish a blockchain remittance service. BULLIONBLOCK is a decentralized physical Gold and Silver backed platform, and the Crypto Mint ecosystem is the end-to-end solution for the current global interconnected monetary debt driven broken down system enslaving then general public worldwide!The BULLIONBLOCK platform will provide beneficial services for all members of all communities regardless of geographical location or political governance. The BULLIONBLOCK platform will deliver instant and secure private options for remittance and financial transactions that will be protected by physical Gold and Silver bullion, that will be stored in Singapore the Gold hub of Asia.BULLIONBLOCK is the future monetary system – independence and freedom are not established through middlemen (Banks, Credit Card companies, etc) but only with a real and true mass consensus through a decentralized network. www,bullionblock.world www.bullionblock.tech www.cryptomint.exchange




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