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Byzantine’s mission is to lower the barriers to blockchain adoption & deliver on the promise of high-performance, enterprise-grade blockchain applications.Currently, there are a plethora of chains to chose from with many industry verticals ranging from media, supply chain, automotive, adtech, healthcare and fintech that are looking at blockchain for secure, transparent and decentralized applications.In this context, It has become highly imperative to understand the fundamental building blocks and architect your decentralized vision with the knowledge of what each chain brings to the table in terms of total-cost-of-ownership, technology resonance and a solution blueprint that is resilient, scalable and resonates with your business vision.By partnering with Ikigai & LibertyBlock block producer, Byzantine excels at bridging industry domain expertise and a deep understanding of the decentralized philosophy that gave birth to the various blockchains, DAPPs and the marketplace economy. Byzantine provides the following key verticals to achieve its mission:Product Practice:+ Blockchain as a Service [Baas] API gateways across chains for mainnet/testnet abstraction and unified API’s to access read/write chain operations in a non-obfuscated manner+ Universal *light* crypto wallets with stripe like integrations for accepting various crypto payments+ Universal *heavy” wallets that enable a host of chain-specific operations such as delegate, stake, vote, buyram etc+ White label Decentralized exchange infrastructure and application suite that can operate in PaaS or On-Prem modes.Consulting Practice:+ Visioneering from ideation to solution blueprinting and roadmap building covering the execution lifecycle of DAPPs+ Smart Contract code audits and security checks+ Enabling ICO, Airdrops, and Air Grabs for new token platforms+ Establishing token economics and help in instrumenting white papers+ Providing �stripe� & integrated wallet solutions for on-chain via API infrastructure+ Establishing token economics and help in orchestrating white papers+ Chain specific coding bootcamps with real-life applications to enable *zero-to-hero* mavens+ Outreach within the crypto community and enabling product pitches+ Organize hackathons, solution hardening, bug bounty setups and smart contract verification


929 Dickson St, Marina del Rey, California, 90292,



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