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CEC Capital – combining Blockchain with finance and ETFs

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About Us

We focus on Exchange Traded Funds ETF and Corporate Advisory for Blockchain start ups. CEC Capital advises and coaches ETF Sales, ETF capital markets, ETF Sales Traders & Market Makers for firms who are genially keen to expand their ETF franchise.The company is engaged in ETF assignments centred on strategic and business development initiatives, coaching firms willing to enhance their ETF franchise within a proper ETF trading environment and business model.Successful mandates include:-Set up a ETF market making unit within a successful proprietary trading firm.-Coinsilium roadshow and capital raising (June 2015).-Assisting brokerage firms with a brief to better penetrate the ETF market with their existing client base.-Various management consultancy projects ranging from ETF reviews, surveys and conferences.-Bitcoin start up projects.Focus is on start ups and assignment relating to building up successful companies throughout the sales cycle and relationship building.-ETF assignment projects are designed to enhance the value in the sales trading process in all aspect of transacting ETF. Being able to be pointed in the right direction, with the right advice and avoid the all necessary bad surprises in conducting the process of execution ETF via your broker or market maker. We help buy side firms, pension funds and banks to achieve their goal within a trading environment.We also help companies in setting up conferences and advice them on survey campaign.If you regular have internal meetings within your firm on the above and do not achieve your expected goal, then we can help..Crypto stands for cryptography which is the practice and study of techniques for secure transactions and communication.CEC Capital stands for Crypto ETF Consultancy (www.ceccap.eu).




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