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City Economics Society

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About Us

Who are we?City Economics Society is a growing and diverse community for all areas of academia. Whether it be engineering, mathematics, the sciences or the humanities, the society hopes to lead students in a development of free thought and for members to leave each Summer knowing the group they can come back too. We hope to not just help with careers advice but also provide a sense of belonging to what can already be a hectic Uni life.Study EventsPublic Lectures:We intend to host a numerous speakers covering current events and consistent developments in the field including inequality, emerging markets, the normalisation of crypto and the impact of politics on the state of economiesCareer Support:Get ahead of the competition by networking with fellow students and professionals now, build the network now and reap the rewards down the line. *Announcement*Due to numerous messages asking about positions in the society, we are delighted to open up team roles that will be essential in the success of the year. We will be recruiting based on willingness and motivation of the position and encourage any year to apply, from 1st years to Masters. the only catch, you must be a member of the society beforehand. We’ll be listing these positions formally after our meet and greet however positions will include:-Social Coordinator-Lecture Coordinator-Charity Officer-Research Analysts-Ball Coordinator




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